Who am I ?

Nicolas Bernard

Who am I?

I'm a scientist. Mostly a Computer Scientist. And sometimes a slightly (?) Mad Scientist! ;-)
While "Computer Science" is more precise than the french word "Informatique" (which covers both CS and IT but also, more generally, all that is more or less computer related like gaming or even using Word), it is still a large domain: some computer scientists are working on theoretical aspects and don't now how to turn a computer on; Others are more IT people and can't do elementary mathematics. My main area is on the edge between computer and network security and cryptology, but I'm also interested by operating systems and networks. It is a practical area but with a lot of theory if you are so inclined.

If you are interested by my education, I'm a former student of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and hold a Ph.D in computer science. I also hold degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry. I'm currently working at the University of Luxembourg.

However, if you believe I'm only interested by computer science or computers, you are very far of the mark!

If you have a good reason to want to know more details, you can contact me to know where to find my CV.