Who am I ?

He is not a Mad Scientist. Heartless reality does not grant humans the lifespan necessary to master every specialty of science, so no one genius in his secret lab can really bring robots, mutants, and clones into the world at his mad whim -- it takes a team, masses of funds, and decades.
-- Ada Palmer Too Like the Lightning, chapter 16
Nicolas Bernard

I'm a Scientist. As such, I believe that Reason is the best way to understand -- and interact with -- the World, notably through a ternary cycle: perception, analysis, action.
The first step is an information acquisition step. The second one consists in the analysis of this information, in the light of what was already available, to decide what will be done in the third step. Still, the amount of information that would be needed to predict with absolute certainty the result of an action taken in a complex system is never available, introducing a probabilistic aspect and showing the importance of the cyclic aspect of this model. Observing the result of previous actions allows a feedback that brings new information to the analysis and allows to consider new actions -- correcting ones if required -- in the best conditions. If the idea of Reason is often linked to the analysis step, it actually underpins and subordinates every steps: essential, obviously, for the analysis, it also determines what one tries to perceive and the actions to be taken.

I started as a Computer Scientist, but I have since extended my competencies, becoming in the process a slightly (?) Mad Scientist! an Omnidisciplinary Scientist: I'm an alumnus of the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon and hold a Ph.D in Computer Science. But I also hold degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry and certificates in domains like Nuclear Engineering, Geology, and the like. And Leadership, too.

If you have a good reason to want to know more details, you can contact me to know where to find my CV.