How to contact me ?


You can contact me using the following address. As a spam countermeasure, this address is "enciphered" using rot13. If you don't have the rot13 utilitary on your system, you can use

Please don't send HTML-only mails as they are often classified as spam. Be sure to include a text version. Avoid the use of proprietary formats (like MS word (.doc), etc.) as they are threatening your privacy, unnecessary big and often unreadable for the Unix user I am. Please don't send any big attachment (200Ko or more) without prior agreement.

Vie privée => GPG I encourage you to cipher any mail you are sending to me ! (and all your mails in a more general way) with Gnu Privacy Guard or another piece of software which use the OpenPGP format.

Here is my PGP (GPG) public key: download.

This key is available on most key servers too.

Key ID: AE5D7BC2
Hash: A77F 730E D684 98C4 C98B BA74 6EA1 C7E5 AE5D 7BC2

Find trust paths between your key and mine:

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